EUTYPA LATA: Eutypa lata is a vascular pathogen of grapevines and other woody plants. This means it lives inside your grapevines and lives off the glucose-rich polymers that bind together the wood. Eutypa is actively spread during pruning time in during wet weather. Eutypa’s spores spread via rain and wind splash. It is recommended to only pruning vineyards with high levels during dry weather and close to budburst (EL-4-5). This may not be practical in many situations. Research shows that it is possible to stop Eutypa from infecting freshly made pruning cuts during wet weather. Creating a barrier either physically or with registered chemicals may be a practical solution. The fungicide Emblem is currently registered and available. The fungicidal paint GREENSEAL is a specially developed pruning wound dressing incorporating a tough, rubber like acrylic resin and a powerful fungicide with  disease control capabilities. GREENSEAL is easy to apply and dried quickly to seal off pruning wound…

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