South Australia - Wine Grapes Industry Act (1991)

Registering grapes or wine on the Personal Property Security Register

Since 30 January 2012 wine grape growers have had the opportunity to register the grapes or wine that they supply for sale on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). This provides potentially greater security in the event of the buyer not being able to meet their financial obligations.

The PPSR is an on-line register, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It replaces all Commonwealth, state and territory registers of security interests in personal property and the old “retention of title” or Rompala clauses. More information:

Wine Grapes Industry Act 1991

We are aware of wineries arranging to harvest grapes from growers that haven’t been paid for fruit  harvested in Vintage 2013. Growers  need to be aware that wineries are subject to summary offenses and fines if they break the Wine Grapes Industry Act.
9—Conditions for acceptance of delivery
(1) A processor must not accept delivery of wine grapes for processing unless—
(a) all amounts that have previously fallen due for payment by the processor for
wine grapes received by the processor, or any person acting on the processor's
behalf, in a previous season have been paid in full; or
(b) the processor has been granted an exemption under this section.
See the legislation the full legislation here:
If you are aware of wineries  pressuring grapegrowers to sell grapes when they haven’t paid in full for last season’s fruit contact the Wine Grape Growers Council of South Australia.
Contact Person: Peter Hackworth – Executive Officer m: 0439 182 411