No Downy mildew 10:10:24 a near miss - UPDATE 16/10/2009

CropWatch McLaren Vale and CropWatch Adelaide Hills report the weather was not suitable for Downy mildew this week.

In McLaren Vale windy conditions assisted in drying vineyards out creating conditions that stopped the 24 hours of leaf wetness that Downy mildew needs to start its lifecycle. While Downy mildew can survive short gaps of leaf wetness, the computer disease models shows the canopy dried out enough to halt the Downy.

Analysis of the weather data shows that the Adelaide Hills has had a near miss for a 10:10:24 Downy Primary Event.

Fortunately overnight temperatures were less than 10oC on the wet nights of the 12th/13th, 13th/14th and 14th/15th. High wind speeds also aided drying out canopies and breaking the 24 hours of leaf wetness Downy mildew needs.


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