Shiraz is nearly ready to pick. I have always found it is an 'ugly' grape. In the last week before picking it often loses 10-15% of its weight and begins to shrivel up like a raison. In this photo (above) you can just see the first signs of shrivel.

The fruit in question is 14.5 Be with a TA of 5.1. It is sheduled to be picked on Friday.

The weather in the last month has been ideal for ripening, the vine canopies are still in good condition. They are healthy and better still the grapes are in good condition too. They have noticibly thick skins which are ideal for red winemaking.

Note the 'weeds' under the vines. This Shiraz vineyard is running by organic principles and doesn't use herbicide (below). This vineyard is 'knifed' during winter and spring to keep the weeds down.


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