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McLaren Vale Vine Improvement Cutting Order Form

James and Ricahrd are members of the McLaren Vale Improvement Society. This not for profit organisation that promotes superior planting material.

They have just released their 2010 Cuttings guide and order form. Early interest has been in Tempranillo which is gaining a reputation locally.

Cutting Orders McLaren Vale Vine Improvement

WormsWorks Field Day

Thirty McLaren Vale grape growers joined us for the Wormsworks Field day with Malcolm Campell. Wormworks use a giantic indoor worm farm to recycle waste product and convert it into a very rich fertliser.

Malcolm's Recommendations -

For high salinity / or dead soils - Solid Vermicast 5m3 (Cubic Metre) per hectare undervine. Autumn or Winter application.

For fertiliser replacement - Liquid Vermicast @ 10lts a hectare at shoots 20-30cm. Spring application.

If you couldn't make the field day and would like to know more ask DJ's Agronomists, Sam Freeman, Derek Cameron, Matt Wilson, Richard McGeachy or myself, James Hook. More information on application in viticulture follow the link here.

Malcolm's thoughts

Mycorrhizae are vital in farming.

With the astronomical rise in world nutrient prices in the past year Australian primary producers are keen to source alternative sources of nitrogen at affordable prices. The clear standout in this field is to rely on adding mycorrhizae to…