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Changes to AWRI Dogbook - What do they mean for you?

Significant changes to the 2011/2012 'Dog Book' as of 26/7/2011.

1. New active constituents


Altacor has been granted registration by the APVMA for control of Lightbrown Apple Moth and Grapevine Moth in grapes.

Altacor is a useful product for early season control of LBAM. It contains the active constituent chlorantraniliprole which is a group 28 insecticide.

Restriction on use for export grapes: Use no later than 80% Capfall.


ParaMite has been granted registration for control of Two-spotted Mite in grapes.

Restriction on use for export grapes: Use no later than 30 days before harvest.

This is not likely to be used by grape growers in southern South Australia as Two-spotted Mite is not a pest species in our regions.


Vivando for control of Powdery Mildew in grapes.

Vivando is a CropCare product. It contains the active constituent metrafenone which is a group U8 fungicide.

Restriction on use for export grapes: Use no later than 80% capfall.

Vivando looks to be a useful …

McLaren Vale Pruning Championship.

The competitors lined up for the first heat. Each competitor had to prune three panels of vines as quickly as they could. These vines were then checked for accuracy and a five second penalty was given for each mistake.

It was a good social occasion and a great way to reward the people who work behind the scenes to make the McLaren Vale wine industry what it is today.

Our judges for this years event were Lyndon Elliott & Fred Osmond each with 50 years of experience. Derek Cameron acted as their assistant.

Pruning Competition Rules
1. Two-Bud Spurs Only,
2. Clean cuts, no 'butts',
3. No damaged spurs,
4. Upward pointed spurs where possible,
5. Spacing important without being necessary,
6. Wire and vine clean of prunings,

Pruners time = Time taken to prune three panels + 5 seconds added for each mistake.

The event was last run c. 1972 and has a long history going back to the 19th Century. Lyndon Elliott's father was a winner of the event in the 1940's.

Congratulations t…

2011/12 Bud Dissection Summary

Matt Wilson has prepared these summary graphs of bud dissection data from our work this winter.

Bud dissections are a good tool in looking a vine health, and give us the first insight into the likely bunch numbers next harvest.

Summary Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu.


Summary of McLaren Vale.


Summary of Red Grape Varieties.


Summary of White Grape Varieties.


McLaren Vale Hail Storm - UPDATE 4/7/2011

McLaren Vale was hit by a severe hail storm in the early afternoon of the 4th of July. Large hailstones fell all across the region, with the western edge of the town having very large stones and ice falls littering the ground.

We feel sorry for the pruners who got smashed by this hail on Rivers Lane. Luckily it looks like the vineyards were already deserted.

The hail also continued into the Adelaide Hills Wine Region. This picture of the K1 by Geoff Hardy Cellar Door looks as if it has snowed.