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Powdery Mildew - ID Photos - EL 32 - 21/12/12


Vehicle Decontamination

DJ's are now using low-cost pressure washing equipment to decontaminate our cars.
Summer weed seeds and phylloxera are both most likely to be spread during summer. Weeds like Innocent Weed have set seed in McLaren Vale, while phylloxera crawlers are at their most active both above and below ground during the months of December – March. Therefore harvest time is a particularly high risk period for spreading.

Vintage 2013 - The Big Picture

Vintage 2013. If you have less grapes than winery demand the industry changes around thatbut is that the case in all regions, all varieties equally? Are the good times back?
McLaren Vale has the capacity to grow 70,000 tonnes in a vintage, as it did in 2004, but viticulture has changed so that a figure around the 45,000 tonnes would be an average season. Low crop years are in the 35,000 tonne range and big years around 55,000 tonnes. 
This reduction is due in part to a change of varieties. Chardonnay vineyards have been mothballed or reworked to varieties that naturally crop lower, but the main change has come in the tonnages of Shiraz. There is an emphasis on controlling growth and berry size through pruning, irrigation management and changes to fertiliser practices. Growers were "forced" to improve grape quality during the glut. If grapes were not good value they were not picked. Survival of the fittest if you like. 

There is also the complicated factor of Vintage 2011. This …

Summer Climate Predictions

A warm season likely for southeastern Australia.The national outlook averaged over November 2012 to January 2013 shows that: warmer days are more likely over southeastern and northern Australia. warmer nights are more likely over most of Australia. 
This outlook is mostly a result of persistent warmer than normal waters in the Indian Ocean, with a lesser influence from warmer than normal tropical Pacific waters. 
Above average night time temperatures increase the rate of vine ripening, while heatwaves have a detrimental affect on fruit quality. If a hot summer occurs be careful withmanagement practices geared toexposing fruitin order to minimise disease pressure.
A wetter season more likely for far northern SA with only average rain around Adelaide.
The southeast Australian outlook for November 2012 to January 2013 indicates that: a wetter than normal season is more likely for northeast SA and parts of northern NSW. the chances of a wetter or drier season are roughly equal across the …

Powdery Mildew Flagshoot & Infection - ID Photos


Grapevine Development Dates - a sign of climate change?