Filan for use in Grapes - Message from Derek Cameron

Dear Growers,

You may be aware that the use of the botrytis bunch rot product Filan (Boscalid) is changing. 

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has informed its growers that they are implementing a change to Filan use, starting in the 2013/14 growing season. TWE's Guidelines for Grape and Wine Supply will list Filan as "DO NOT USE".

The broader wine industry including local wineries is likely also do the same. 

Why the change?

Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) issues have been identified for wine export to China and Indonesia (due to no MRLs in place) with the use of Filan at the current restriction of EL19-20 (5% capfall). Currently, there is no available recommendation for when Filan can be used safely in the season without residues being detected in wine.


There are alternative products that can be used for botrytis protection during flowering. We can advise on your options if you have been using Filan in previous seasons.

What do I do if I have unused Filan?

Please contact DJ’s to discuss what your options are. Filan is still used in potato and vegetable production in Australia.  


Derek Cameron
Proprietor/Senior Horticultural Consultant
DJ's Grower Services & Supplies
McLaren Vale