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Fruit Fly Outbreak - Update 1/2/2014

Immediately report any maggots found in fruit directly to PIRSA Plant Health on 1300 666 010.

Respect South Australia’s strong quarantine laws and make sure your transport company, contract pickers and seasonal staff are aware that there is the potential they could spread fruit fly accidentally.

Yesterday afternoon Drew Noon, Tom Harvey from MVGWTA and myself met on your behalf with representatives from Biosecurity SA full information will follow as they update their website but we wanted to get this information out quickly. Grapes are a relatively poor host of Fruit Fly. There is only a low risk of our activities transmitting them.

It is mostly good news. While the Fruit Fly outbreak will last a minimum of 12 weeks  and fresh Fruit Fly finds are possible - all growers can harvest their grapes as normal with the following provisos;

    1. There are approximately 50x growers in the 7.5km suspension zone, the boundary is approximately Almond Grove Rd, Col…

Sunburn and heatstress #v14 - UPDATE 17/1/2014


Sulphur burn - UPDATE 7/1/2014

When applying powdery protection avoid spraying wettable sulfur at high temperatures (35oC) when the humidity is above 70% within 24 hours of spraying.
Growers can opt to use the fungicide Legend (Active Ingredient: quinoxyfen, Fungicide Group: Group 13) in hot weather to avoid sulphur burning. This allows them to keep up the powdery mildew protection on their vineyard. Legend has a 45 day Withholding Period (Vintage 2014). Legend costs $24.40 per hectare at its maximum rate (20ml/100lts) assuming a 1000lt dilute spray volume (DSV).