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Eutypa Control - how to limit its spread at pruning time.

Control of eutypa dieback can be achieved by protecting wounds from infection by the fungus, Eutypa lata or by physically removing infected wood. Wounds can be protected with fungicides, paints, pastes and biological control agents. It is also important to time pruning in order to avoid rainfall events and to maintain good sanitation.  Controlling established infections is achieved by removing infected wood and retraining of watershoots from below infection.  SARDI's Notes on Cultural practice Pruning in wet weather should be avoided and preferably delayed to late winter when wound healing is more rapid and sap flowing.
Removal of dead wood from grapevines and alternative hosts in and around the vineyard will reduce the potential inoculum level.
The level of infection can be reduced by double pruning, the practice where mechanically pre-pruning is used to leave long spurs in early winter followed by hand-pruning to short spurs in late winter.
Contamination of pruning tools is N…