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Bushfire Post Drive: Pinery Fires

Bushfire Relief: Post Drive.Our thoughts are with everyone facing the Pinery bushfires near Kapunda. We are now preparing fencing post aid based on previous efforts. 
Once the fires are out and the sites are safe we will set up depots where affected can pick up posts. Also the Blaze Aid initiative will also offer these as a resource once established. You can help!

In the wine regions we are working to bundle broken vineyard posts (six good feet left in them).

Do you have bundled posts ready for transport? If not can you get them bundled?

Do you have transport? We will need some trucks once we have safe depots.

We are endeavouring to contact our colleagues in Kapunda we are still working out a few logistical issues but if you could put this offer "out there" for farmers, graziers, etc in need, please have them email James Hook at DJ’s : to register their need.

Ask them to write “posts” in the subject line so James can track and respond to them efficiently. Pl…