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Bud Dissection - Q&A

Hi, I am curious about looking at grapevine buds under the microscope. Could you also please let me know how many buds you can dissect in an hour, as I have a uni project to do on yield analysis and the number would be of assistance. Many thanks, Andrew

Dear Andrew,
Almost anyone can learn to dissect buds, but not everyone has the patience to sit down and complete many samples. We use a compound microscope with to eye lenses that give a stereoscopic view of the inside of the bud.  This allows us to assess the internal bud structure and look at the inflorescence primordia which are the structures that develop into grapevine flowers.

We would average two to three buds a minute, therefore it takes us between one and one and half hours to complete a vineyard (30x; 5x bud canes).  We would generally limit ourselves to three vineyards per day to keep our eyes fresh.
The time it takes to dissect buds under a microscope varies from variety to variety. Sauvignon Blanc has small buds and small inflores…

Bud Dissection & Primary Bud Necrosis

DJ's are specialists in grapevine bud dissection. Bud dissections are used for determining bud fertility to estimate yield potential. They can also show the health status of a vineyard by determining the level of  primary bud necrosis. This is when the primary bud is dead, whilst the secondary buds remained healthy. This phenomenon is known as primary bud necrosis (PBN).

30 bud samples.  The big question is can you really get insight into next seasons crop only taking 30x buds per position?
Yes you can. The most common fault with bud dissections is in many cases they tell growers information they already know. Their shoots for next season will have between 1.2 and 1.5 bunches on average and they will prune to spurs that have already been set over the last few pruning seasons.
Occasionally blocks will have problems with fruitfulness and have levels below 1 bunch per bud (inflorescence primordia per bud), or high levels of bud death. It is when you find blocks like thes…

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