Monday, February 6, 2017

Late Season Botrytis Options - Vineyard Application

In the event of a Botrytis outbreak. Grape growers do have the option of using late season fungicides and bio-control products and/or products that dry out berry damage.

Sauvignon Blanc: first botrytis infection.

Late Season Fungicides

PMS - (Potassium metabisulphite) dries out the bunch and can help heal berry splitting. Generally has a 24 hour with-holding period.* 

PMS rates higher than 3kg per 1000 litres are needed and the pH of the spray solution should be adjusted to between 2.9 and 3.0 using 1.5 kg 100% tartaric acid per 1000L.

Dicarboximides (GROUP 2  Fungicide) - Rovral, Chief, Corvette etc. Generally have a 7 day with-holding period.* 

Should be applied as an acidic spray tank mix (water pH less than 7) to be stable. 1kg/1000lts of tartaric acid, citric acid or similar, or a commercial buffer- tradenames include AGRI-BUFFER will acidify the water and lower pH.

Rate of product: 
Rovral Liquid  250 g/L IPRODIONE = 200 mL/ 100 L water. Dilute spray volume.
Rovral Aquaflo or generic 500g/L IPRODONE = 100mL/100 L water. Dilute spray volume. 

Ecoprotector - 14 day withholding period*.

Potassium soap. Target this at the bunch zone. 

Rate of  product: 
20 litres per ha in 500 to 1000 litres water. 

We have used this product at 5lt/100lt as a Dilute Spray Volume.

*Check with winery requirements before spraying, particularly in vineyards that are within 14 days of harvest.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vineyard Monitoring ID Photos - 2/2/2017

Sunburn to exposed berries.

Light splitting in Shiraz.

Botrytis in Sauvignon Blanc.

Light berry splitting.