Our Fertilisers

DJ’s specializes in producing custom fertilizer suitable for registered organic vineyards – including DJ’s Organo ZM, Kelp, SAMPI fish emulsion and many more.

Organic matter soil amendments have been known by farmers to be beneficial to plant growth for longer than recorded history. DJ's has formulated a range of fertilisers designed to build soil organic matter.

DJ's works with our partners at Jeffries and Peats Soil to use fully composted organic compost rich in organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes.

These can be mixed with gypsum, lime and other soil 'goodies' like guano to match your soils needs.

Kelp (Seaweed) 

Kelp is an ideal fertiliser for use in horticulture. It strengthens plants and has anti-stress properties. We blend our seaweed fertiliser from kelp, one of the worlds richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other plant stimulants.

Seaweed is available by the litre.

Humic Acid 
Humic acid is the most stable form of organic matter. DJ's agronomists love Humic acid because it has the ability to hold nutrients in the soil and keep nutrients where they are needed for plants to take up. Humic acid also has special properties in combating the build up of sodicity and salinity

Humic acid is also available in 20, 200 and 1,000lt shuttles.

Ben South also brews custom blend of Humic Acid & Kelp.
Fulvic Acid 
Fulvic acid is a powerful extract from humates, which has a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements. 

DJ's use Fulvic acid because of its flexibility and its ability to enhances cell division and elongation. 

Fulvic acid is available as a liquid.

Organic Custom ZMM

A mixture of the Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium & Manganese Sulphate and Fulvic Acid which contains products suitable for organically certified farms.

Fulvic Acid is an organic carrier which helps keep the zinc and manganese in suspension in the fungicide tank, then on application helps with uptake into the vine leaf.

Contact us for more information on any of these products.

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