Herbicide Spikes - Hammer vs Goal - Q&A

Hi DJ's,

Should I use Hammer or Goal as a spike Herbicide?


Ryan J

Good question Ryan. 

You can also consider Striker or Oxen or any of the other generic version of Goal that have come onto the market in recent years. Also note there is the horticultural formulation of Hammer called Spotlight.
Blackberry nightshade and other difficult to control weeds 21 days after application of Roundup PowerMax (540g/L Glyphosate) @ 2.5Lt/ha and Hammer @25ml/ha.

All of these spike herbicides are used with Glyphosate to increase the spectrum of weeds Glyphosate controls. In McLaren Vale these are usually used to knockout Marshmallow and Blackberry nightshade.
The main difference is Goal (and Striker/Oxen) act as a spike on grass weeds and broadleaf weeds - Hammer (and the new Spotlight) are only effective on broadleaves. Hammer can be used all year round in grapevines - Goal can be used only in dormancy. After bud burst using Goal is not recommended.




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