Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Powdery Mildew Flagshoots - UPDATE 30/9/2008

A Powdery Mildew Flagshoot - Spring 2007.

Flagshoots grow from buds that were infected with Powdery mildew when they were formed last season. The shoots are covered in Powdery spores which then spreads onto unprotected foliage. Flagshoots are rare & hard to detect but check areas of your vineyard where you have found disease before.

We normally detect flagshoots in October, or November as the vine canopy begins to close over.
Tagging flagshoots for checking the next season is good practice.
Experience shows that Powdery finds are usually located close a tagged find from last season. Pictured we have checked the area where we found the flagshoot in 2007 and it looks clean.

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