Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greentip EL 4 - UPDATE 10/9/2008

Budburst is when 50% of the block is at or past Greentip (EL 4).

Warm weather has kicked off vine development. Most vineyards appear to be running 4-7 days slower than spring 2007 which was notable warm. Is this a ‘normal’ year? We have dug up some budburst records from 2003 and compared them to this year. From the table below we wonder whether climate isn’t the only reason budburst is getting earlier. As vineyards mature (and crop loads reduce after the 1990’s fruit rush) are they becoming earlier bursting?

How does this compare to what you have observed?

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I also think that people are starting to winter prune earlier and I wonder if this is having an influence. Many people this year started in May, with most underway in June.