Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weather Damage - UPDATE 17/9/2008

The most significant weather damage from this weeks high winds have been found in the vineyard sites that were exposed to westerly winds. In McLaren Vale this was Seaview, Sellicks and Tatachilla and the areas near the Gulf of St Vincent like Maslins Beach.

If your vineyard has been hit with weather damage it is important not to panic spray. Many growers will worry about leaf botrytis developing. The damage you see now will heal with calm, warm weather. If wet weather occurs your damage may turn into leaf botrytis, but even this is rarely a significant problem. Leaf botrytis looks harmful but unless it directly causes your vine shoots to snap off, or infects your infloresences (flowers), it is not affecting your harvest.

If you are concerned with your vineyards damage consider using a 'healing' product to improve early season growth. Many growers have been using seaweed based products to improve root growth. These could help your vines recover without using botryticides. Otherwise wait for good weather and strong shoot growth that will occur over the next few weeks.

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