Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Grade Shiraz? - Q&A


I am curious about how you can tell the grade of Shiraz so early in the season? What sets A-Grade vineyards apart?

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Vineyards need to be set up to grow A-Grade Shiraz. Canopy shoot density is one of the critical factors to look at and this can be seen now in spring. Getting light onto your developing flowers and then fruit is vital to growing a shiraz fruit with ripe tannins and a dense colour.

A Shiraz vineyard targeted for A-Grade with very even shoot spacing in spring.

The pictured vineyard is a good example of even Shiraz with good shoot positioning to give an open canopy at harvest. 

The trick for this grower now is to control growth using nutrition and irrigation through the season to obtain the desired berry size. If they accomplish this, they are well on the way to growing high quality Shiraz.

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