Summer Weed Control

Basta vs Sprayseed vs Revolver.

Recent rain and high humidity have seen an increase in Fat Hen and Wireweed. Many vineyard will opt to control these before they set seed and add to the weed seed bank for future seasons.

All of the summer herbicides are classed as contact herbicides which means they only effect what they touch. They struggle if you do not get good coverage of your target weed, this can also apply to dusty weeds, or weeds that are water stressed where we see herbicides sometimes having poor results.

Basta has the advantage of being a Schedule 6 controlled poison, while Sprayseed/Revolver are Schedule 7 - Dangerous poisons. This has effects on your safety and who is able to buy and use the herbicide.

With Basta to get best results it needs to be applied below 33oC and with a relative humidity over 50%. During summer this limits the time of spraying generally to the mornings and evening although in some cases Basta may not be able to be used for many days at a time.

Basta is also sensitive to hard water (water high in dissolved calcium). If you are using mains or bore water, or water from a concrete tank add 1-2% of the water conditioning agent Ammend/Liase.

Revolver is a 'generic' version of sprayseed which has a price advantage in the current market.

Price per hectare at maximum lable rate:

Sprayseed = $13.75
Revolver = $13.15
Basta = $30.00


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