Thursday, May 28, 2009

Albarino still on nursey price lists... They are wrong!

All 'Albarino' that is commercially planted in Australia is in fact Savagnin. Everything comes from the same source and is the same clone (Galicia; or sometimes called SAVII 01). Remember whatever name the grape has it is still showing as a promising wine.

Some growers from other regions we have heard are preparing to remove their Savagnin and graft 'Albarino' back on top.

Bad news. There is no Albarino comercially available in Australia. While you will see 'Albarino' listed in many nursery adverts and product list - look closely and you will notice they are either SAVII 01 or Galicia.

These adverts should be changed to prevent confusion!

Don't buy Albarino cuttings and buds thinking you are getting something different that what has already been planted.

Over the next 2-4 years ‘real’ Albarino will become available directly from stock from overseas. This has already been DNA tested as part of the importation process. South Australian Vine Improvement has real Albarino planted in its Generation 1 rows - shown below - and will be looking to establish.

Vine nursery extension rows at Kapunda, SA.

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