Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spotlight - Important to read the label closely

Just a note about Spotlight plus tm (a Group G Herbicide) the replacement for Hammer as a spike for broadleaf weed control.

Looking at the Spotlight tm label the first rate you see is 300ml/100ltsThis is for de-suckering grapevines!

Do not use that rate when spraying weeds!

The spike herbicide rate is similar to Goal an alternative spike herbicide also commonly used.

Spotlight = 40ml/100lts
This gives a recommended per hectare usage of between 100ml to 300ml/hectare.

Derek Cameron says, "Use 4 x the previous Hammer rate." Derek also says, "be careful using Spotlight as a spike with Jaguar (a Group C/F Broadleaf Selective Herbicide) as the Spotlight makes the Jaguar work too well and begin to affect your covercrop."

As always read the label for more information.

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