Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Greenseal paint for pruning wound protection.

We have been using a new pruning wound sealant as a precaution against the spread of eutypa lata, dead arm.

Independent trial work by SARDI of wound protectants including Greenseal™ paint, which are formulated with fungicides (tebuconazole), and acrylic paint (with and without fungicides) all prevented infection by E. lata (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Efficacy of pruning wound treatments applied 1 day before inoculation with E. lata.

Greenseal™ paint was registered in 2008 for control of eutypa dieback in Australia.

A treatment like Greenseal™, applied by hand, is strongly recommended for larger wounds, such as those made during reworking or remedial surgery.

The application of fungicide immediately after wounding and before application of a paint or paste minimises the risk of sealing a wound on which spores may already have landed and germinated, and of infection via cracks in the surface of the paint as it dries over time.

We are happy with its performance in the field, and because it is backed up with the independent trial work we think it is a good solution for your vineyard.

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