Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hail Damage in Willunga - UPDATE 26/8/2009

Some Hail damage has been seen around Willunga running in a rough line between Aldinga and the Willunga township. This was caused by a strong hail storm Monday night. Fortunately the damage we have seen is generally not economic - no crop has been lost. The vine shoots are however quite scarred and have dents in their shoots(above & below).

Experience from earlier seasons shows with warm weather this damage will 'grow out' and be difficult to notice in a few weeks. If you have hail damaged vines and are concerned about their early season growth please let us know. It may be advisable to try using some spring growth techniques like Kelp based products to aid recovery.

Don't confuse hail damage, with the fungal disease Phomopsis

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Richard from Stoller said...

Stoller's Foli-Zyme works well in activating growth after stress events like wind, hail and frost. Foli-Zyme can be used in combination with Bio-Forge which de-stresses the vine. Both treatments are applied as foliar sprays. Adding zinc is also of great benefit for healthy regrowth.