Downy Mildew Oilspots - Secondary Spread in the Adelaide Hills

There is some Downy Mildew in the Adams Rd, Schuller Rd area of Blewitt Springs in the McLaren Vale GI. Some higher levels have been found in the Adelaide Hills, including vineyards on Range Rd and in Kuitpo.

Where growers have taken action Downy Mildew levels have largely remained steady with little secondary spread. Generally the warnings have been heard and acted upon in an adequate period.

The main disease issues have been seen in vineyards that have not been adequately protected, or have been mothballed. Abandoned Vineyards are looking like becoming a real headache for neighbours over the coming month!

Unfortunately in vineyards that are on minimum spray programmes or have not been protected against Downy Mildew, disease levels are increasing.


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