Generational Farming Workbook Launch

Above - The Generational Farming workbooks were given out at McLarens on the Lake, yesterday the 3rd of March.

What is Generational Farming?

Generational Farming is the McLaren Vale wine region’s sustainability accreditation scheme. The Workbook has been developed by a group of local viticulturists for the region, and builds on many years of work and knowledge.

The system is designed to fit in with the national ENTWINE system.

Workbook version. 1 is being distributed to grape growers that have indicated their willingness to participate in Generational Farming, in this first year (2009/10). Sixty businesses are starting the programme, which McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association chair Dudley Brown says 'represents something like 30% of McLaren Vale's vineyard area.'

The workbook is a work in progress, and the first batch of growers will be giving feedback to make changes to the system to make it the best possible.

There are five sections in the workbook, all with points allocated, totaling 1000 points altogether. The system is not a competition, the main reason for a points system is to allow grower to assess themselves and work out where they can improve their practices. Particularly for this first year, do not be too concerned with the points, we are still determining what level will be considered best practice and therefore a ‘pass’ mark.

After an AUSQUOL audit growers will be either 'Accredited' of 'Not-accredited.'

The system doesn't promote any specific type of farming - like BioDynamics or conventional best practice - it is designed to be a questionaire of your practices with prompts to provide documentation for proof for your audit.

Generational Farming ‘Ambassadors’

A group of local viticulturalist and grape growers have been recruited as ‘Ambassadors’ to assist growers with the workbook, these are key people in the region that you can contact for assistance. Each Ambassador will have a group of 4 or 5 growers, those growers can decide to meet to work through any issues or just contact the Ambassadors when they need help or have a question.

The Ambassadors are:

• Jodie Armstrong
• Derek Cameron
• Guilio Dimasi
• Jock Harvey
• Tony Hoare
• James Hook
• Adam Jacobs
• Michael Lane
• Daniel Lavrencic
• Jodie Pain
• Michael Petrucci
• Ben Pridham
• Matt Hatwell

Process from here;

Ambassadors are being allocated to growers in early April and their contact details will be sent through, if there is an Ambassador that you already work with, please let Jodie at McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism know if you would like to be in their grower group.

You can commence filling out your workbook based on 2009/10 growing season, and your Ambassador will contact you in early April to meet through April and May as needed, with Workbooks to be completed by the end of May.

A feedback/ question/ comment form has also been provided for you to keep track of any issues or questions as you go. These will also be used to provide feedback on the workbook, and system in general for us to make improvements for the next growing season.

In the interim if you have any questions, please contact Jodie Pain, Viticulture Coordinator on 8323 8999 or email


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