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I’ve been researching on the option of Neem Oil on our vineyard insect pests.

I am very interested in using Neem Oil as an organic control option for snails, earwigs and weevils.

At the moment we can't use this organic insecticide in grapevines but in the future it could be an excellent option for pest control.

Neem oil is used in all of our trading partners as an effective insecticide in commercial food crops. Usage in the USA is very high and is regarded as a “normal” input.

As it stands in 2010, in Australia, Neem Oil has not been approved by the APVMA for use in “Food Crops”. This product is used in NZ on crops that are imported into Australia within 24 hours of application.

There are no MRL’s for Neem Oil. 
I’m not sure on the AWRI position, seeing that the APVMA have not registered it at this point, it is ill advisable to use it.

One manufacturer I found, (AzaMax OCP) are unwilling to register the product with the APVMA in Food Crops because they are an ‘animal friendly’ company and don’t wish to conduct LD50 tests on animals! It is a catch 22 for them to do the testing to get it registered.

These are the two Neem Oil products I have found on the market.

AzaMax is a concentrated Neem Oil as it is the extracted Azadirachtin molecule from the Neem Seed Kernel. Therefore this is a highly concentrated and pure product.

Farmer Pricing is approximately: $420.00 + GST (20L).
Rate: 200ml/100L. @ 300L/Ha = 600 ml/Ha ($50 / Ha).

It is available in 1L, 5L and 20L Drums.

This is an imported emulsified Neem Oil, extracted by cold pressing the whole Neem plant.

Farmer Pricing is approximately : $550.00 + GST (20L).
Rate: 150-200ml/100L. (1.5-2 L/Ha) = ($40 / Ha).

Available in 20L, 200L and 1000L Drums.

Both will take about 48 hours to control pests. Those not killed will not feed or complete their life cycle.

I have it on good authority (OCP) that AzaMax will kill beetles (weevils) and snails. Both are BFA Registered products.


Anonymous said…
you should remove all reference to the imported emulsified Neem Oil product as it isn't registered with the APVMA for this purpose.

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