Winemaking in Ontario

Richard McGeachy reports from his stint making wine in Canada this vintage.

Here's a picture of work we did today - processing pinot.

It's all hand picked and then sorted to remove any acetic acid rot, ladybugs and bird damaged berries. The bird damage is unbelievable - to protect the fruit the scare guns start @ 6.30-7am, firing 3 shots every 5-6 minutes. They stop at around 6pm. They have 8-10 just on this property alone and all the neighbours have guns as well too. During the day you would be lucky not to hear a shot somewhere nearby every 90 secs or less. It's quite amazing.

Viticulture here is TOTALLY different to Australia, they deal with almost every issue known to man - phomopsis, botrytis, powdery, acetic acid rots, downy,little sap sucking insects, defoliating chewing insects, ten's of millions of little larve in everything...

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