Downy Mildew Report - McLaren Vale - UPDATE 1/11/2010

CropWatch 1011_vol8_12

McLaren Vale - Generally very good news. The region has missed out on a widespread Downy Mildew Event.

Looking at the weather over the week I predict the following will happen.

A very small amount of Downy Mildew Oilspots will become visible after an incubation period of 7-10 days IN VINEYARDS THAT WEREN'T PROTECTED with a Downy Mildew fungicide in days before the rain.

It will take vineyards monitors a few weeks to find these, as there won't be many.

These oilspots will be only in locations that stayed wet for the 24 hour period of Friday into Saturday. This will be in creeklines or similar - and mainly in the Northern part of the district, particulary McLaren Flat where the weather got closest to a Downy Mildew 10:10:24 Primary Event.

What does this mean for my vineyard? To be safe and take a low risk approach it is recommended to keep up Downy Mildew protection - especially if more rain is forecast.

In general it is good news, but remember that while everyone gets excited about Downy Mildew - Powdery Mildew is the main concern in the district at the moment.


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