Downy Mildew - UPDATE 25/11/2010


Last night, the 24th of November was a Downy Mildew Secondary Spread Event.

The Adelaide Hills Wine Region has had;

1) 10:10:24 Primary Event – 30th October
2) Confirmed oilspots from this 10:10:24 Event.
3) Two Downy Mildew Secondary Events (Warm, Wet Nights) 12th and 14th of November.
4) Confirmed secondary oilspot spread including some onto inflorescences.
5) A further Downy Mildew Secondary Event occurred which will spread oilspots onto vineyards that WERE NOT PROTECTED with good coverage of a Downy Mildew protectant in the last 5 days.

What does this mean?

The Adelaide Hills is likely to have a Downy Mildew outbreak – and because vineyards are pre-flowering - if left uncontrolled this will affect vineyard yields.

Get specific advice for your situation.

CropWatch - 101126


South of McLaren Vale has no known Downy Mildew and Downy is unlikely to affect harvest or vineyard yields. We will advise if we find any oilspots.

North of McLaren Vale, it is wise to keep up protection before any further rain events as we have seen minor secondary spread north of McLaren Flat. We assume that the Clarendon region at risk of Downy spread as the weather has been similar to the southern Adelaide Hills where we know we have Downy Oilspots.


Get specific advice. Keep an eye out for Downy Mildew oilspots (below).


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