Downy in McLaren Vale - UPDATE 12/10/2010

While McLaren Vale does not have the same risk of Downy Mildew as the surrounding regions - the levels of oilspots we have seen in the last 48 hours has increased dramatically (below).

Downy Mildew spreads very quickly. We are expecting to see more spread from the rain on the 7th and 8th of December. We haven't seen this yet - Downy Mildew takes some time to incubate before it is visible. We are predicting the spread from December 7/8th will be visible on or about the 16th of December.

Many growers will panic when they see these Downy Mildew oilspots - but remember fruit past Berries Peasize is considered immune from infection (although leaves and bunch racchi can get infected at any stage of the season).

A low risk option is to spray any unprotected vineyards with a registered post-infection Downy Mildew product - remember that this needs to occur before Saturday to stop the increase in the

For specific advise you can ring DJ's on - 8323 8339, or my mobile direct - 0400656350.


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