Downy Mildew Update - 22/12/2010

Oilspots are visible from the Downy Mildew Secondary Event on the 7/8th of December.

In McLaren Vale sites have been identified that have significant Downy Mildew. In some cases these are abandoned vineyards, or rouge vines around housing, shedding or old farms (shown below). These vines are acting like 'disease bombs' and are spreading Downy Mildew. Some of these sites have most of the vines leaf surface covered with Downy Mildew.

Unfortunately in the Adelaide Hills Downy Mildew has spread onto bunches, which remain open to infection until they are approximately 4-5mm in size (shown above).

The most obvious sign of Downy Mildew is leaf oilspots and leave surface infection (shown below).


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