McLaren Vale Fruit Packers Building c. 1979/1980

From Andrew Tuck's records this is a classic photo of the Main Street of McLaren Vale thirty years ago. Andrew's family had just purchased the hardware store. Notice the small Caltex petrol station on the far left.  Note also that the fruit packers building is of a larger size than it is today. Part of the building was demolished to expand the petrol station.


Jennifer said…
Not sure if my first comment landed so trying again.

Hello Andrew and James, I am the grand-daughter of Fred Perry, who was the foreman of the Fruit Packers for most of his adult life. I would value contact with you.

James Hook said…
Hi Jennifer,

Happy to help. We have access to old records of the building that were found when it was renovated in the 1980's.

You can email us djs

Or ring 08 8323 8339 during business hours.


James Hook
Jennifer said…
Thank you James. Your email link is not working for me at present - will try again later. I have photographs which may be useful to you. Jennifer

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