McLaren Vale Pruning Championship.

The competitors lined up for the first heat. Each competitor had to prune three panels of vines as quickly as they could. These vines were then checked for accuracy and a five second penalty was given for each mistake.

It was a good social occasion and a great way to reward the people who work behind the scenes to make the McLaren Vale wine industry what it is today.

Our judges for this years event were Lyndon Elliott & Fred Osmond each with 50 years of experience. Derek Cameron acted as their assistant.

Pruning Competition Rules
1. Two-Bud Spurs Only,
2. Clean cuts, no 'butts',
3. No damaged spurs,
4. Upward pointed spurs where possible,
5. Spacing important without being necessary,
6. Wire and vine clean of prunings,

Pruners time = Time taken to prune three panels + 5 seconds added for each mistake.

The event was last run c. 1972 and has a long history going back to the 19th Century. Lyndon Elliott's father was a winner of the event in the 1940's.

Congratulations to this years winner of the McLaren Vale Pruning Championship, Jeremy O'Donald (above). Jeremy won, both his heat and the final, with his combination of speed and accuracy. Jeremy's adjusted time was 9:15. He only made ten faults.

In second place was 'Guri' who is part of the contractor gang run by Peter Ifould. Guri was a very energetic competitor and a very quick pruner. His adjusted time in the final was 9:35.

Daniel Wright powered home to third place with a time of 10:10.

Above - Phil Rayner and Andrew Tuck help clean up some vines.

You can see a full gallery of pictures on the DJ's Facebook site.


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