Glyphosate Resistant Ryegrass - What to look for.

Warning signs:

✗ Continual reliance on glyphosate for weed control under trees and vines.
✗ Use of few alternative herbicide modes of action used including residual herbicides.
✗ Lack of non herbicide weed control methods eg mowing, mulching, tillage or grazing.
✗ Allowing weed control escapes to set seed.
✗ Entering spring with high weed numbers.
✗ Poor vineyard hygiene (contaminated machinery, vehicles and stock coming onto farm)leading to movement of herbicide resistant weed seed.
✗ Lack of competition from inter-row cover-crops.
✗ Poor application technique leading to sub-lethal rates of herbicide at the ends of rows(poor control = more weeds)

If you suspect you have a resistance problem – get plants or seed tested to see which herbicides still work. The best strategy is to ensure that no further seed set is allowed to occur, and drive down the weed seed bank using a number of diverse weed management tactics.

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