Shoot thinning in Shiraz

Before thinning.
Note the before (above) and after (below) photos of shoot thinning in Shiraz.

Post thinning.
Being more attentive about vine balance and aggressive shoot thinning, in pinot and shiraz, aims to reduce crop loads and shoot numbers. It is an interesting technique for increase light exposure inside vine canopies.

The following shoots are thinned:

- absolutely all water shoots.

- any other infertile shoots without visible inflorescences, which emerge from the pruned spur. However, at least one near-stem new shoot must remain at each shoot position for the following winter pruning.

- if there are two or several shoots growing from one bud, the strongest one (with inflorescences) is retained, all others are removed. Many varieties have a tendency to produce several shoots from each shoot position.

Shoot thinning is carried out when the new shoots have reached a length of approx. 10 to 30cm, ie at a time in spring when the whole vine is still easily manageable.


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