Downy Mildew Oilspots at Berries Peasize - UPDATE 28/11/2011

The reverse side of a downy mildew oilspot showing sporulation.
Above - A series of pictures of downy mildew oilspots on leaves.

FAQ on downy mildew post infection products.

These are the answers to some common questions we receive. 

What is the hectare rate of Ridomil Gold Plus?

Ridomil Gold Plus

Preflowering - 150g/225g per 100lts
Post Flowering - 225g per 100lts
Therefore we work on 2.25kg/ha at this time of the year.

Axiom Plus is 150g per 100lts
Therefore 1.5kg/ha with a 1000 lt Dilute Spray Volume canopy size.

What is the price per kg and ha?

Ridomil Gold Plus

$ per ha = $120
$ per kg = $53

Axiom Plus

$ per ha = $74
$ per kg = $49

Zeemil MZ

$ per ha = $120
$ per kg = $47

What is the shelf life of the product?

When tested the shelf life of Metalxyl is indefinite and it lasts for many years. Samples have been tested that are 10 years old and still 99% effective. As long as the product is well stored it has an excellent shelf life. You can contact the manufacturer of your Metaxyl for more information.

The shelf life on the protectant component of Ridomil Gold Plus, copper, is considered to be good also if stored correctly. Note that all downy mildew post infection fungicides have additional protectant added to them when applying to vineyards.

The shelf life on Mancozeb (in Zeemil MZ) is 2 years. Therefore it is recommended for in season use not storage unless there are no other options.