Irrigation in the lead up to harvest.

Mid to late season irrigation is critical to the quality and yield of your vineyard.

This stage utilizes approximately 36% of the annual water requirement. Deficit irrigation can reduce yield and even affect ripening and fruit quality. Severe deficits will cause leaf defoliation.

Above - Late season lower leaf loss in Chardonnay. Chardonnay is sensitive to water deficit before harvest.

Did you know?

Different grapevine cultivars have evolved various strategies to deal with water deficit.

Isohydric (pessimist) – conserves available resources by early stomatal closure and subsequent reduced gas exchange.

Anisohydric (optimist) – maintains a higher rate of gas exchange for immediate gain at the expense of stored soil water.

Rootstock genotypes may vary in sensitivity to soil moisture levels and subsequent hormonal production.

More more information - GWRDC. Relationships between yield and water in winegrapes. Yasmin Chalmers, DPI-Mildura