Organic Compost.

Compost contains organic carbon and nutrients whilst also adding soil moisture retention, structure and increasing root mass. It is added to vines after harvest to integrate into the soil over winter.

Above - Bulk Organic Compost is applied with a Marshall spreader.

Organic matter is vital for good soil health and adding quality compost with organic carbon to the soil helps to improve soil condition. McLaren Vale soils are generally low in organic carbon. We record levels in vineyards between 0.5% to 3.0%.

Remember that value is not just about how much compost costs. While chicken manure is cheap per cubic meter, per tonne of nutrient it is expensive and can have side effects.

As the Willunga based composters Petes Soil say on their website,
"Poorly or non-composted materials pose the risk of introducing pests and pathogens, weed seeds and may behave less predictably than material which has undergone the stabilising phase of the composting process. Non-composted manures may conceal a surprising amount of salt, contributing significant amounts to the soil with prolonged use."
Banded compost applied under the vine row as a soil amendment - Willunga, McLaren Vale Wine Region, SA.