Glyphosate Resistant Ryegrass Strategy

Annual Ryegrass that is resistant to Glyphosate Herbicide in McLaren Vale - 15/6/2012.
Resistance is believed to be even more widespread in South Australia’s major grape-growing regions, including Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, and the Barossa Valley.
Over the last few seasons DJ's have been tracking Glyphosate Resistant Annual Ryegrass and developing control strategies. We have also been conducting trial work on conventional and grazing based control.

Our trial work has developed an effective control using an alternative herbicide family in early winter, June or July and a follow up at bud burst in Spring, September. We call this a 'double knock' treatment.

Please contract DJ's for more information.

Annual Ryegrass appears in early winter as stands of multiple plants.
A small number of weed plants may be naturally resistant to a herbicide, surviving an application, and setting seed. With repeated use of the same herbicide, susceptible plants are killed but resistant plants continue to survive and become an increasing proportion of the weed population.


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