Dormex - Q&A

Michael asks; 

When should Dormex be applied to my Mourvèdre vines (near Willunga, SA)?

Before using Dormex® make sure you are aware of the health and safety implications of spraying it. Acute and chronic exposure to Dormex, hydrogen cyanamide (H2CN2), have been reported but mainly as a result of accidental exposure following by drinking alcohol.

EL 1. Winter bud.
Dormex is used as a dormancy breaking agent for grapevines. We use it to helping give uniformity to grape vine bud burst. 

When Dormex is applied 8-10 weeks before natural bud burst, fruit maturity will be advanced by 14-18 days. Application within 4-6 weeks of natural bud-burst had little or no effect on time of fruit maturity. 

For your example on Mouvedre in the Sellicks Foothills we expect natural bud burst to be the 2nd week of September. Therefore we recommend it is applied 4-6 weeks before this natural bud burst date to keep a natural harvest date. An application of Dormex should take place from the first week in August to the middle of the month.

If you are considering applying please contact DJ's for more information about product safety and rate of application.