The results for the McLaren Vale sustainability programme are being collated and published. DJ's has been looking through the results gathering information for districts CropWatch programme.

During the 2012 Vintage 87 grape growing members, with 145 vineyards, submitted their operations for assessment by completing the sustainability workbook.
Summary of results
The harvest from their vineyards produced 11,905 tons of grapes. Remarkably this was 37% of all of the grapes harvested in McLaren Vale (the total crush in McLaren Vale was 31,755 tons 1). 

McLaren Vale Sustainable Winegrowing Australia members produced 10,444 tons of red grapes in 2012, 39% of the total red grape harvest. Members produced 1,461 tons of white grapes in 2012, 27% of the total white harvest

The majority of members have been using low input conventional farming techniques, 51% while 8% are biodynamic (certified and uncertified) and 15% organic (certified and uncertified).

The workbook results show some areas where McLaren Vale is progressing well and is a leading example of adapting farm practices to meet economic, social and environmental change. The increased use of reclaimed water for irrigation is an example of the industry adapting. However there are other challenges the sustainability programme has highlighted that the industry will need to face in order to improve.