DJ’s Mediterranean Fescue and Medic - Establishment information

Photo’s attached of great establishment of DJ’s Mediterranean Fescue and Medic sown this autumn on biscay heavy cracking clay. The mix contains both Barrel and Burr Medic. This mix shows what can be grown to protect biscay clay from cracking in summer.

Spring 2012. Non-sown. Soursob & Oxtongue.
Prior to establishment these mid-rows were dominated by soursob and oxtongue, these died off and left the soil bare in the summer where the soil was exposed and cracked extensively. Bare soils quickly heat up during the hot summer days, increasing evaporation losses.

The successful establishment of this cover crop mix will protect the soil from evaporation losses, harbor microbes and cause greater water penetration and less run off when it does rain in summer. This cover crop will also reduce compaction. These are all valuable factors in maintain and improve vineyard soil health.  

Spring 2012. Sown. Established fescue and medic mix.
Detail showing the rows of fescue and medic.
For more specific information, on rates and establishment tips, contact David Oddie at DJ's.


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