Yield Estimates - UPDATE 18/10/2012


I read this in the daily wine news. Does this mean we will get more money for our grapes?

17/10/2012: Cold snap takes toll on Barossa vines
The extent of damage from a recent cold snap is becoming evident in the Barossa Valley. Adrian Hoffmann is a grower at Ebenezer and says some of his neighbours have lost about 70 per cent of their winegrape crop because of cold weather, reports ABC News

What is the vintage looking like?



A small inflorescence in McLaren Vale.
Yields may be low in McLaren Vale despite a wet winter.
At this time of year it is easy to listen to reports in the media, or in social circles and make the wrong conclusions about your vineyards potential yield (and therefore business). 

Get into your vineyard, look and assess and make informed decisions about your business.

Note the small inflorescences in this McLaren Vale Shiraz vineyard (above right). Weather conditions like frost are not the only factor that determines whether grapes are in demand or not.

Weather conditions in the Barossa Valley have some influence on the state of the grape market in McLaren Vale. The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are the chief suppliers of so-called A-Grade Shiraz. If crops are low in one area demand may shift into the other.

A couple of points I would like to make though. 

1) How wide an area in the Barossa Valley has been affected by frost? Localised weather conditions are exactly that, local! The Barossa Valley consists of a large vineyard area, conditions vary from site to site.

2) How significantly are vines damaged? If you read the article closely Adrian Hoffman says, "You just don't know how damage is going to be done and we'll have to wait to fruit set to find out."

Vintage 2013 is a long way off. Make up your own mind about your business and conduct your negotiations regardless of speculation in the media. Don't assume grape buyers will beat a path to your door.


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