Vintage 2013 #v13 UPDATE - 26/2/2013

Grenache wet from rain - 25/2/2013.
Harvest is continuing across all of southern South Australia. In the last week DJ's clients have picked Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay in the Southern Fluerieu, Prosecco and Chardonnay as sparkling base from vineyards in the Adelaide Hills and both reds (Shiraz, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon) and whites (Chardonnay) from McLaren Vale. 

It has been a juggling act of picking and sampling to ensure the right vineyards are harvested and get to the winery in the right order.

Ben Lacey vineyard owner in McLaren Vale reported on Twitter, "Picked our last Shiraz block for Vintage 2013 last night (Monday the 25th February). We pick our Chardonnay on Wednesday with a Cab block coming off tonight, so go figure!"

Grenache, one of last season varieties to be picked because it holds natural acid, is almost ready for harvest.

Susan and Michael Papps of Yelland and Papps in the Barossa Valley are close to picking theirs. This is uncharacteristically early, "Just tasted some awesome Grenache. Pick, Pick, Pick! Still shaking our head were still in February!" 

Overnight on the 24/25th of February moderate rain  fell (7-10mm). This left some bunches wet for 24 hours.  This has caused some botrytis sporulation (right).  

This isn't likely to present a problem if the weather remains dry as botrytis is very sensitive to humidity and rainfall. If dry weather holds for the next 14 days the vineyard pictured will be harvested (as will many others) and fruit quality will be unaffected.

Vine regions around Adelaide are experiencing light rain today (27th of February) but hopefully this will pass quickly and vines will dry out.