End of Picking BBQ

The McLaren Vale wine industry celebrated the end of grape picking by throwing a party in the Piazza della Valle. The community served a free BBQ for over two hundred grape pickers, both locals and guests from seventeen countries who have been visiting the region on working holidays. The wine industry is grateful for their help as the harvest could not be completed without their help. It is also used as an opportunity for growers, pickers, winery staff to talk about the vintage. 

Everyone lends a hand to feed the hungry workers.

Chris Burgan, Fred Osmond, Sally Burgan were amongst many other grapegrowers celebrating the end of picking. Chris notes that as their property is on the Range they still haven't finished but were happy to celebrate anyway!
Event organiser Jock Harvey says “Each backpacker who visits the McLaren Vale region today, will take that experience back with them to their home country. By showing them a good time today, we get an ambassador tomorrow.”

The event kicked on in the evening.
McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism thanks the team at Chalk Hill Viticulture for sausages, bread, spuds and onions. MV Beer for their McLaren Vale Ales, James Hook and Derek Cameron from DJ’s Growers for beers and steak, Gemtree for their trailer BBQ and esky. Vicki & Pat Vasarelli  for a giant bowl of their famous pasta, winemaker Kevin O’Brien, grape growers Keith & Carol van der Pennen, John & Shana Petrucci and local businesses Blessed Cheese and Studio E.