McLaren Vale Geology Tours

Over 2 days 75 local grape growers, winemakers and tourism operators explored what lays beneath McLaren Vale.

Beneath the ground McLaren Vale is one of the most complex wine region in the world. It is also the best studied. 

In 2010, leveraging the world class geology map, the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association (MVGWTA), commenced a long term exercise in defining and understanding McLaren Vale grape growing and winemaking.

As part of this process a geology tour has been developed by Philip White - drinkster - Drew Noon and James from DJ's.  

The first two were run last week, 23rd and 24th of May. These tours prove very popular, sold out almost overnight, and James will be looking to get sponsorship so more tours can undertaken ASAP.

The Gateway - In the midst this vegetation lies one of the few exposures of the Tapley's Hill Formation,  700 million year old siltstone - which is the oldest we have in the region.