2013 McLaren Vale Pruning Championship

Congratulations to our winner - Gurideep Singh. Guri was awarded with a winners cheque of $400. He is a deserved 2013 champion having finished runner up in the last two seasons.

The 2013 McLaren Vale Pruning Championship was held at the Visitor Centre vineyard on Friday the 23rd. Each competitor had to prune three panels of vines as quickly as they could. These vines were then checked for accuracy and a five second penalty was given for each mistake.

Our judges for this years event were Peter Ifould & Phil Rayner each with a wealth of experience in pruning.

Pruning Competition Rules
1. Two-Bud Spurs Only,
2. Clean cuts, no 'butts',
3. No damaged spurs,
4. Upward pointed spurs where possible,
5. Spacing important without being necessary,
6. Wire and vine clean of prunings,
Pruners time = Time taken to prune three panels + 5 seconds added for each mistake.

Congratulations also to Jeremy O'Donald who finished third and up and comer Ben who was the runner up.