Notes on Spring Pest & Disease levels.

Vines are now getting out to 4-6 leaves separated with shoots nearly 20cm long in some cases. This week gave us the first opportunity to see the ‘major’ pests and diseases. We commercially monitor for pest and disease vineyards near abandoned Chardonnay vineyards which are known hotspots. Currently these look clean. 

Over the next few weeks, as the weather has been favourable to powdery (warm, overcast and humid), the fungus is likely  break out of these vineyards earlier than last year. We will keep monitoring very closely to gain insight into what it is likely to do in the district as a whole.

Eutypa Dieback can now  be seen showing  up as foliar symptoms.

The  foliar symptoms of Eutypa lata in spring.

A Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) eggmass.
This week we also had the first detections of LBAM eggmasses – picture aboved. We are expecting to see levels higher than previously because of high levels of habitat in mid-rows and very obvious night-time flights of adults. Also seeing some adult cabbage moth and vine moth flights.

There are also high levels of Earwigs, Snails and in some cases Curculio Weevil. Look out for damage to young shoots.