Petiole Testing - Due at 80% Capfall (EL-25)

DJ’s can perform a tissue test and advise on your results for you all you need to do is:

1: Collect a paper tissue testing bag from DJ's.

2: Collect about 100 petioles (leaf stalks) with their leaves removed. Pick the petiole opposite the first bunch on the shoot.

80% Capfall (EL25) APPX. DATE

Chardonnay / Pinot
1st November
4th-14th November
4th -14th November
4th -14th November
Cab Sav
7th-14th November
14th November

3: Drop in your samples in a paper bag labelled with your name, email to get the results back and the vineyard account name.

4: Tell us any relevant information to tailor the test to your needs. Are you an organic or biodynamic grower? Has your winery had trouble with fermentation?
Above: cv Shiraz at pre-flowering E-L 18
Above: cv Shiraz at 40-50% Capfall E-L 22